Four New Mythological Poems

As an English professor who teaches Mythology every semester, I find myself continuously drawn back to the myths as a source of inspiration. These myth-based poems that were just published in Lothlorien Poetry Journal are inspired by Irish, English and Greek lore. Please note: I do cover many non-Western myths in my course -... Continue Reading →

“Instructions to the New Waystation Warden: To Be Read Upon My Death” – new micro at Rune Bear

Like many writers, I like to play with story starters or writing prompts. This story began with the simple prompt "frost and fairies" and a version was originally written for the Apex Microfiction Monthly Contest. I had also recently read an article about Ice Age animals discovered in melting permafrost and I liked the idea... Continue Reading →


"Rings" is a new creative non-fiction piece published in Bright Flash Literary Review in April. This piece investigates how we approach our past, how we interact with the natural world around us, and how we sometimes see ourselves through the eyes of others. Enjoy!

Annona, a new micro-fiction

"Annona" is now live in Carmina Magazine's March 2022 issue. Inspired by a simple one word prompt (harvest), this creepy little piece explores issues of climate change, faith, and humanity's responsibility to the earth. A quick shout out to Clarabelle Miray Fields, editor of Carmina Magazine, who has been a delight to work with and... Continue Reading →

Fungi in Spaaaccceee!

My short story "A Mycologist's Guide to Falling in Love Discovering a New Species" has been published in the February/March 2022 issue of Utopia Science Fiction. This story began on sticky notes that I carried in my pocket as I walked through our local woods last summer, jotting down descriptions of morels, coral, and ghost... Continue Reading →

New Poem: Gingerbread

"Gingerbread" is now up at Gingerbread House. One of my many pieces inspire by the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel, I tried to imagine a surviving Gretel, older now, and what her kitchen might be like. What had she learned from the witch? But what might she also have learned from her woodcutter father?... Continue Reading →

Rhysling Award 2022 Eligibility Post

Below are the speculative poems I published in 2021 that are eligible for the Rhysling Award. (See the rules for the Rhysling Award here: Poetry: “A Crown of Stars,” Eternal Haunted Summer (December 21, 2021) “Botany Lesson,” 34 Orchard (November 10, 2021) "Song of the Warrior Queen," Star*Line (Fall 2021) “The Botanical... Continue Reading →

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