“Lilith Discovers Eve in the Goodwill Store”

"Lilith Discovers Eve in the Goodwill Store" is now out in Myriad: Remnants, a subscriber-exclusive digital zine from the Hexagon Magazine team. This is the second time I've been fortunate enough to have a flash fiction piece in a Myriad zine. My story "A Sea Change" was first published in Myriad in December 2021 and then... Continue Reading →

A peek inside Of Weeds and Witches

Many of the poems inside Of Weeds and Witches deal with the folklore of plants. Growing up on a farm and living in a place where there are more trees than people (just the way I like it), I have an affinity for the green and growing and the stories that sprout from them. Feeding... Continue Reading →

“A Rectifiable Arc”

We start out this new year with house spirits and math. "A Rectifiable Arc" is a speculative look at the life of Sofya Kovalevskaya, a 19th century Russian mathematician. The inspiration for this piece came from the strange detail that her room was once wallpapered with lecture notes. My spouse is a math professor and... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Nixie

The original concept for this piece had been a noir vibe, someone giving a confession beneath a single lightbulb, telling their side of the story. The idea of the story worked, but the writing was overwrought, overdone. The kind editors over at The Other Folk, recognized the potential of this piece and were willing to... Continue Reading →


My in-laws used to live in a town called Neversink. My spouse and I visited there for perhaps the last time this fall to help them move. (Like many retired folks, they've decided to flee the snow and have moved south.) We have to drive by the Neversink Reservoir each time we visit and I've... Continue Reading →

Of Weeds and Witches – out now!

My first poetry chapbook, Of Weeds and Witches, is now available. This collection brings together many of my speculative poems that interweave mythological elements, or as Jennifer Donahue, author of Run with the Hunted, has kindly said, mixing "magic and mundane." Rick Hollon, editor of Queer Blades and From the Farther Trees, graciously suggests that... Continue Reading →

Something “Familiar”?

My poem "Familiar" has been published in the November/December issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. I wrote "Familiar" in early May 2020. The pandemic had turned us all to online teaching and I was still finishing up grading final papers, accepting any and all late work given the circumstances, and was eager... Continue Reading →

2022 Award Eligibility Post

Chapbook: Of Weeds and Witches from Alien Buddha Press. Fiction: “Ursa Major” is forthcoming in All Worlds Wayfarer on December 21, 2022  “Confessions of a Nixie” is forthcoming in Fables for the Dying on December 10, 2022 “On Disappearing” is the Runner Up in The Gateway Review’s Fabulist and Fantastic Flash Fiction Contest and will be forthcoming... Continue Reading →

“To Craft a Coven”

Crow & Cross Keys was kind enough to publish my prose poem "To Craft a Coven". Enjoy this seasonally thematic poem and best witchy wishes for creating your own coven.

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